A Website That Works And Looks Good In Mobile Devices As Well.

I enjoy working with business owners like you and coming up with ideas to help you achieve your online goals. Your website will be designed to suit not just your brand but your users as well. It will also work beautifully on mobile devices because that is where most of your traffic would likely come from.


Our relationship with craftyOgo was so wonderful. We would definitely have more business relationship with this agency.

Ete Okotie-Yesin / Managing Director


Yeskot is an event planning outfit located in Bendel Estate, Effurun, Delta State. They also rent all you need for your event.

Business Goals

To be the best event planner; provide quaity and pocket friendly event planning services to their clients irrespective of the size of expected guests.


They wanted a colourful but professional looking website. Their major concern was to have a showcase of their past events so prospective clients can see what they are capable of. They also wanted to show all their services and everything they have for rent with their prices so clients can quickly make up their minds.

What I Did

I used quite a number of complementing colours and  gradient for their background. I wanted it to be  colourful but not so much that it would hurt the eyes of their users. I wouldn’t be able to stand it myself.

Each page has its own theme colour  but sparingly used. The primary colour appears on every page which blends with the entire design.

The home page has a full width slider that will captivate their user. It shows some of their past work of Yeskot in a semi larger than life proportion.

Although it is a box shaped website, the ideal line-height for words and white space was used to enhance readability. No one wants to visit a website with jumbled  up content. This website does have quite a bit of content.

The website is responsive. No matter the device their visitor uses, they will have a beautiful experience that flows from a larger screen to a smaller one.

Finally, just like every other website I develop, a Yeskot member of staff will be able to easily edit their content. No prior knowlege in programming is required, it is a super easy and straightforward process.

You are probably itching to see the website now. Okay you have my blessings, GO SEE IT. :- )

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