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A Little Bit About Me

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Bio Data

Full Name: Ugbor Ogochukwu

Occupation: Front-end Web Developer

in lay-man terms, web designer or web developer.

Nationality: Nigerian

I also live in Nigeria

Phone Number: 0909 611 9679


Yeah, I noticed too. The picture is not ready yet but am working on it.

P.S. You can also reach me on .

Apart from creating websites and tinkering with Photoshop, when I have the time, I love to crochet and bead but mostly crochet. I also love cakes, that means I do some baking as well.

Now that you know something about me, let us head on over to the services and portfolio sections. I have worked with some really amazing people. Honest!


Web Design

Engage your customers with a website designed to serve their interest.

Web Development

Proper code, responsive website and great user experience are top on my list.

Logo Design

Set yourself apart from your competition with a unique and professional logo.

Some Of My Work


Yeskot is an event planning outfit located in Bendel Estate, Effurun, Delta State. They also rent all you need for your event.

Have a look

Emrick International Services Limited

Emrick Intl is an oil servicing firm located in Warri. They also sell machine parts and provide training to oil companies on the use of the machines they stock.

Have a look

Ulo Stores

Sells home and kitchen electronic appliances

Have a look

Proof That I Know What I am Doing


Ete Okotie-Yesin / Managing Director
Our relationship with craftyOgo was so wonderful. We would definitely have more business relationship with this agency.


P.O. Emordi, CEO/MD Emrick International Services Limited
She is transparent, straight, timely and trustworthy on delivery of services. Highly recommended to work with.


Ulo Stores Management
Our website is simple and easy to navigate; in a few click, information is at the customer's disposal. It is excellently structured for all cadres of customers.

Now You Can Contact Me

when you are done writing, just post it.

If you do not want to leave a message so that I can call you back, you can:

Call Me: 0909 611 9679

Email Me:

Leave a message on

Do you want more contact options? Very well then, click here
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  • Your message shall float to me. Remember Robinson Crusoe did this and it worked.
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  • Get two and make a hole in both of them.
  • Get a rope. The distance between us will determine the length of the rope. Pass one end of the rope through the hole of one of the tins and tie it. Repeat for the other one.
  • Get to my office by any means necessary, drop one of the tins, run back to your house and tell me all you want to say.

Oh you are here, great! Are you ready to start your project? I am eager to hear from you. Let's build something great together.

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