Ulo Stores

A Website That Works And Looks Good In Mobile Devices As Well.

I enjoy working with business owners like you and coming up with ideas to help you achieve your online goals. Your website will be designed to suit not just your brand but your users as well. It will also work beautifully on mobile devices because that is where most of your traffic would likely come from.

Ulo Stores

Our website is simple and easy to navigate; in a few click, information is at the customer's disposal. It is excellently structured for all cadres of customers.

Ulo Stores Management


Sells home and kitchen electronic appliances

Business Goals

To sell quality and affordable home and kitchen electronic appliances to locals in Warri, Delta State.


The management wanted a website that will show the stock they have.

What I Did

From the home page, I tried to capture all the products Ulo Stores sells.

Each product has a page that describes it with an option to see more images. Visitors can also leave their reviews about the product if they so desire.

I used very few colours so as not to distract their visitors. The website will still look colourful because of the different products that will be added.

In order to make the website a bit interactive, I added a blogging section. There, they can write articles and also display curated cooking videos.

Just like every other website I develop, it is responsive. This means that it will render well on mobile devices.

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