NBA Warri Branch

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NBA Warri Branch

She is dedicated and committed to work, quite innovative and receptive to suggestions.

J.O Aikpokpo-Martins, NBA Warri Chairman (2014-2016)


The Nigerian Bar Association, Warri branch is a non-profit organization for all legal practitioners living in Warri , Delta State.

Business Goals

The Nigerian Bar Association, Warri branch is a body that oversees the activities of legal practitioners in the state and ensures that they follow stipulated ethics. The body also forms a bridge between members of the public and lawyers as a whole and between lawyers in the state and the Nigerian Bar Association.


The organization wanted a website that will capture their history. The public and their members can easily have access to their rich history to see how far they have come.

It will also have a comprehensive directory. Here anyone looking for a lawyer in the state can easily locate them.

They also wanted a place where lawyers can go to to get current information on the legal practice in Nigeria and Delta State.

What I Did

This is an established organization, with national logo and colours. It was very important to use these colours to maintain uniformity.

The design here is also very important. Members of the public and members of the organisation should easily find content that matter to them. This brings me to navigation. This was kept as short and simple as possible. I maintained the one or two click rule.

Like every other website, this one is fully dynamic and responsive. Any visitor on a mobile device will have an enjoyable experience as if they were on a desktop.


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