Class Motors Limited

A Website That Works And Looks Good In Mobile Devices As Well.

I enjoy working with business owners like you and coming up with ideas to help you achieve your online goals. Your website will be designed to suit not just your brand but your users as well. It will also work beautifully on mobile devices because that is where most of your traffic would likely come from.

Class Motors Limited

This is an exhibition of great skill. The website is fully compatible with our vision to maintain a strong presence online.

Ben Edoja, MD, Class Motors Limited


A dealer on brand new cars based in Warri and Lagos. They are registered dealers on Kia and Toyota vehicles with a section for servicing and repairs.

Business Goals

To provide Nigerians with the very best in brand new automobiles and related auto services. Being the best at what they do, they wanted this reflected on their website.


Class Motors wanted a website that will showcase all their cars and make it very easy and quick for their customers to find the cars they want at the price that they can afford.

What I Did

Anyone visiting a car dealer either wants to buy a car or is researching a particular car. It is important that they see all the brands that Class Motors stock. That is why there are two menus; the first one is for the various cars and the second one is for other pages on the website.

The picture of a vehicle, its model, price and transmission are basic quick information that the users would like to know about a vehicle that they are interested in. Seeing this short description will help them decide if they would want to see the full features.

Full features include five pictures in a thumbnail slider, with more information about the vehicle and contact details

Apart from the CTAs (Call to Action) which I used red for, the website is in white, black and grey. There is no point distracting their users with bright colours.

The website is dynamic. It will be easy for Class Motors to add and remove content whenever they please.

It is also responsive. Most people go online with their phones and tablets. This website will not jeopardize their users’ experience because it will fit the screen of most mobile devices.

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